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 Yoga 101 Workout - Props to Poses (Daily Routines/Beginners)



Experience the wonderful benefits of lasting health & vitality with yoga. Whether you are just starting with Yoga or wish to experience more of its benefits, this is the perfect program for you. This 2-DVD boxed set combines four of LiliasĂ best PBS programs to provide anyone with a solid foundation in Yoga.

Volume 1: Lilias! Yoga 101 Workout for Beginners
If youĂre ready to begin feeling more relaxed and energized, Lilias! Yoga 101 Workout For Beginners is the right place to start. Lilias Folan, acclaimed yoga expert and popular star of her own PBS-TV series, is your personal instructor for this beginner program. Lilias! Yoga 101 Workout for Beginners will enhance your breathing capacity and help you reduce stress and muscle tension no matter what your age, current level of fitness, or knowledge of yoga. Join Lilias and her easy-to-follow program to start your day with energy and enthusiasm and to end your day feeling renewed and free from built-up tension.

Program features:

  • One 30-minute practice session
  • Complete warm-up section
  • 12-Posture Sequence called "The Sun Salutation"
  • Special breath and relaxation instruction
  • Safe and easy exercises for all ages
  • Soothing soundtrack by acclaimed "sound-health" pioneer Steven Halpern 

Volume 2: Lilias! Yoga Workout Series Daily Routines
Designed to stretch, gently strengthen and relax the entire body, Yoga is a proven method to achieve lasting health and soften the aging process. This specially priced four-program DVD will give you a complete introduction to Yoga and help you feel fabulous after one session. Let LiliasĂ inviting personality motivate you to discover what it is like to look and feel your best!

Program One demonstrates easy ways to begin Yoga and teaches viewers warm up stretching, breathing and relaxation exercises needed to get started.

Program Two introduces props to maximize the benefits of various Yoga moves. Combined with additional exercises this program will show you to enhance relaxation while still increasing your fitness level.

Program Three shows how to balance strength with flexibility and improve energy with stretches and moves for every part of the body.

Program Four focuses on using Yoga techniques to generate inner happiness and well being along with improved strength and energy.



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