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Myth, Legends and Lore Of Crystals & Gemstones 

Every culture has myths and legends, these are some gem stone and crystal legends.


I am AMETHYST, handmaiden to the goddess Diana. Many centuries ago, I was caught in bitter quarrel between the gods. Protecting me from the wrath of Bacchus, my goddess transformed me into a transparent crystal. When the quarrel had ceased, Bacchus, filled with remorse, poured a gentle libation of wine over me, covering my body with an elegant violet gown. Wear me as an amulet, I will protect you from intoxication and evil spells. My presence will calm your spirit and give you focus. Amethyst is a beautiful gemstone which symbolized a variety of virtues to the ancients, including piety and humility. Its name is derived from the Greek word "Amethustos," which means "to prevent drunkenness." No wonder the Greeks loved to drink wine from Amethyst cups! Today, Amethyst is found mainly in Brazil, Uruguay, and Zambia


I am EMERALD, sacred goddess of the Incas. The ancients gave me to their young women as a talisman to grant them my protection and give them ease in childbirth. Cleopatra has known me well and I have soothed the eyes of Emperor Nero as he watched the Coliseum games. My cool touch will remind you of spring and give you eternal youth. If you honor me and my daughters I will make your true love faithful and smooth the road you travel. Why Emerald? - Emerald has long been regarded as an amulet of good fortune. Emerald is treasured as a gift for May birthdays and a talisman for the sign of Gemini. Emerald is one of the most valuable, and historically one of the most interesting, gemstones. It is known as the Queen of Gems and the gem of queens. Cleopatra's Emerald Mine near the Red Sea in Egypt has been mined since 2000 B.C. According to legend, the wearing of Emerald not only cured a wide range of ailments, including low I.Q., poor eyesight and infertility, but also enabled the wearer to predict the future. Emerald is found mainly in Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


I am SAPPHIRE, the world rests upon my shoulders. The ancients have said that the blue of the wide heavens reflects my image; beyond blue my brilliant colors are as varied as the sunrise. I have been a talisman to emperors, saints and sorcerers. I have inspired Buddhist monks to pray and Hindus believe I will unite humanity with the heavenly spheres. Wear me with sincerity for I am a symbol of truth, and I will protect you always. 


I am RUBY, "Ratnaraj," King of Precious Gemstones. Thousands of years ago I was released from the magical egg of Naga, a ferocious dragon from ancient Burma. My eternal flame has adorned the thrones of great royalty the world over. Wear me as an amulet and I will preserve your health, dispel your fears and bring abundant passion to your life. Touch me to the four corners of your land and I will turn away tempests and disaster... your harvests will be plentiful. 


I am DIAMOND, considered an awe-inspiring "symbol" in our culture, I was equally wondrous in ancient times. Though what we know about diamonds belongs more to legend than to fact, the tales exemplify the power of the diamond. In India, I was sometimes set in the eyes of Hindu statues. Monarchs competed with one another for me and the possession of renowned gems, using them as instruments of diplomacy. They wore me as a symbol of status by sewing me into clothing or using me as a sign of power, by decorating their swords and scabbards. Centuries ago, it was also believed that diamonds protected from harm and actually brought luck and success to the wearer, counteracting the effects of unfortunate astrological events and endowing the wearer with charm and the ability to attract others. Plato wrote about diamonds as living beings, embodying celestial spirits. Through the centuries, rings have perpetuated the talismanic role of the diamond. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance period, every ring that was set with a precious stone was not so much a piece of jewelry, but an amulet that conveyed the magic powers of the stone upon the wearer. The diamond acquired its unique status as the ultimate gift of love as far back as the fifteenth century. It was said that Cupid's arrows were tipped with diamonds, which had a magic that nothing else could equal. 



I am TOPAZ, keeper of the flame. As day dissolves into twilight, search the beaches of the Serpent Isle for the glimmer of my golden beacon. I am waiting for you. Look deeply into my eyes and I will reveal all the knowledge of the world. Hold me gently and my security will wash over your soul and cool the frenzy in your mind. Keep me in your home and I will gather up the sunlight and radiate good health to all your family. 


I am AQUAMARINE, Neptune's gift to the mermaids. Long ago, my charms protected the ancient mariners as they sailed the vast oceans. Carry me with you on your own journeys and I promise you the same blessings of safety and good fortune. Gaze into my liquid blue eyes when you are away from those you love and I will help you to remember them clearly. As you wed your true love, keep me near and I will give you a marriage filled with happiness. 


I am CITRINE, daughter of Amethyst. Deep in the heart of a primordial jungle, as my mother cradled me in her arms, the sun's brilliant rays kissed my face and bestowed on me an aura of golden radiance. Gaze upon my sunny glow and I will banish thoughts of evil from your mind. Wear me as a talisman and I will protect you from the venomous bite of the serpent. At all times, my energy will focus your mind, emotions and intuition into singular harmony. 


I am GARNET, the talisman of warriors. Knights and soldiers the world over have placed their destiny in my hands, trusting that I would protect them from death and injury and that my presence would bring them swift victories and guarantee them tranquility after battle. Dream of me and I will reveal the answers to your questions. Give me to your loved ones and I will bestow upon them loyalty and affection. 


I am TOURMALINE, the gemstone of many colors. The flowers in the fields, the birds of the air and the essence of the changing seasons are all encompassed within my many hues. I was the final companion to the last Empress of China, her head gently cradled on my lap as she rests in her eternal sleep. My fingers possess a healing touch. Hold my hand and I will restore your "prana," the vital energy of your soul. Wear me as an amulet and I will bring to you both friends and lovers. 


I am PERIDOT, born from the tears of Pele, divine Hawaiian goddess of the volcano. My mystical powers have been summoned by Egyptian priests in their ancient rites. My presence helped to gain the pleasure of their gods. As time passed, crusading knights held me forth as a symbol of wisdom and purity. Some have even called me "heavenly stone," for my presence has been discovered in meteorites fallen from the night sky. Cherish me and I will give you courage and bring you great wealth. My gentle touch will brush away your unpleasant thoughts and ease your moments of solitude.