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Foundation Gem Stone List

  Modern and Biblical Foundation Gem Stone List


Foundation Stone List

Modern List Based on
the Foundation Gem Stones

March Jasper Jasper or Bloodstone
April Sapphire Diamond or Sapphire
May Chalcedony Emerald
June Emerald Agate
July Sardonyx* Turquoise
August Sardius* Carnelian*
September Chrysolyte Peridot
October Beryl Beryl
November Topaz Topaz
December Chrysoprasus Ruby
January Jacinth Garnet
February Amethyst Amethyst

The Twelve Gates Were Twelve Pearls

*Common description of gem stones:

  • Sardonyx - a layer stone with brown base, upper layer of white
  • Sardius - a layer stone with red base, upper layer of white used mostly to make cameos, side cut cabochons to show layers