The Vernal Spirit Journey

"Life In Balance"


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The Key To A Peaceful, Fulfilling Life Is Achieving Balance.

BalanceWhen all aspects of our life are in balance we are truly at peace with ourselves and others.

What is balance? Moderation, being centered, effortless control of self, harmony, these are all words or feelings that describe balance. To some it is a state of mind and to others it is a state of being.

How do we achieve balance in our lives?
First, take a good look at your life you will probably find areas of your life that are in perfect balance, some areas are blatantly out of balance and everything else is somewhere in between.

Write down in three columns what areas you think different parts of your life fit into. 

  1. Balanced Most Of The Time

  2. Could Go Either Way Depending On the Situation

  3. Totally Out Of Balance

It is always important to acknowledge the good and positive aspects of our lives and to be thankful for the opportunities to come to peace with the other parts.